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1. Aqaupark – within 50 metres from the Sport Hotel

- recreational and swimming pool (25m)
- children pools with cascades, chute
- 6 massage beds
- aerators (aearating water with bubbles)
- water spouts, underwater lighting
- water mushroom, slide
- steep slide "Kamikadze" with a drop of 6,80 m
- large water slide of 101m
- children inflatable jumping castle, children climbs
- beach volleaball courts, skittles, table tennis
- water football
- Aquazorbing
- curling on the carpet
- barrier-free access
- refreshment stands
- minigolf

1.	Aqaupark - within 50 metres from the Sport Hotel1.	Aqaupark - within 50 metres from the Sport Hotel

2. Bowling and in-door tennis courts

- within 100m from the Sport Hotel
- 8 professional Brunswick lanes

2 indoor tennis courts

Opening hours for bowling and tennis courts::

Monday - Thursday
Friday - Saturday
10,00 - 23,00
10,00 - 01,00
10,00 - 23,00

Bowling and in-door tennis courtsBowling and in-door tennis courts

3. Indoor swimming pool with a relax centre

Within 1.5 km from the Sport Hotel
Indoor swimming pool with a relax centreIndoor swimming pool with a relax centreIndoor swimming pool with a relax centre
New pool technology making use of salt water
Air temperature : about 30 oC

Basement - relax centre

There is a central large room with a large-capacity whirlpool bath, sea aquarium and deckchairs. The modulation of the space, colour design, minimum lighting and close contact with submarine environment combined with the effect of whirlpool baths, all this provides good prerequisites for relaxation and induces meditative conditions beneficial to all visitors.

  • Steam bath room with equipment producing mist out of concentrated iodine salt - the effect of the steam may be enhanced with salt aerosol that is enriched with ions, which is healthy for the upper part of the respiratory system
  • Sea aquarium containing 1500 litres
  • Infrared room
  • Relax pool with hydro-massage and air massage
  • Sun tanning room - the place for sunbathing, meetings and chats. The quality of light radiation is similar to the natural sun light, its effects reinforce good feelings, decrease tension and positively influence performace
  • Relaxation musical bath Duett - the place for absolute relaxation. Music vibrations are conducted through the bath wall into the water and thanks to the resonance with the body liquid there is a deep and fine massage of inner organs and the complete body. Bring your CD with you and you can listen to the selection of your music while taking the massage. The healing effect is reinforced with light and the effect of the magnetic field.

Ground floor

  • Children´s pool for the youngest visitors with a water jet and a slide
  • 25-meters-long swimming pool
  • Landing pool of the spiral chute 84 meters long
  • Whirlpool
  • Two steam bath rooms

First floor

  • Vertical sun bath with modern technology + Vibra system (more than 5 min. of the Vibra system free!!)
  • RIO Center - spinning, K2 hiking, Fitbox
In warm and sunny weather you can make use of the outside roof terrace for taking a rest. Refreshment is available and there is a view of the pool from the restaurant. It is possible to book the complete pool for a group.

Information provided at the phone number.: +420 465 524 254 nebo na www.tepvos.cz

4. Mini golf Ústí nad Orlicí

Minigolf is integrated in the rest area of a large sport resort in Ústí nad Orlicí, it can be found in the back part of the Aquaparku. 18 lanes are available for children and adults and they can try their skills, precision and perseverance in the nice environment of the park that is regularly and carefully maintained.

Mini golf Ústí nad OrlicíMini golf Ústí nad Orlicí

5. Saw dust track

Jogging saw dust track next to the athletic stadium (400 m from the hotel). The saw dust track (630 m) is situated on a flat terrain and surrounded by full-grown trees providing nice shadow during summer months. The following distances are marked on the saw dust track: 100m, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 1000, 2000m.
Lighting can be ordered for an extra charge.

6. Sauna – 100m from the hotel

Opening hours:


16,00 - 21,00
15,00 - 21,00
14,00 - 21,00
14,00 - 17,00
17,00 - 20,00
14,00 - 21,00
joint opening hours

7. Salt room

A stay in a salt room has recently become a very popular medical and preventive method of treating and preventing the diseases of the upper respiration ways, dermatology diseases and other indications. In a salt room there is always a unique microclimate characterized by bacterial-free air saturated with mineral particles and microelements that have a positive effect on the mental condition and health of children and adults. In addition to the negative ionisation, beneficial to people, the air in a salt room is enriched with iodinem, potassium, natrium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, bromine and many other elements that are essential for the correct function of the human organism. This microclimate is available in the salt room all over the year.

Salt room  Ústí nad Orlicí

8. Boating resort in Cakle

at the distance of 3 km along the cycle path

Boating resort in CakleBoating resort in CakleBoating resort in Cakle

9. Winter stadium

- in winter months there are public and private hours
- sharpening of skate blades
- possibility to rent the stadium
- refreshment on the premises
- in summer, the place is used for in-line hockey

Zimní stadionZimní stadion